Why partner with us

Our philosophy is simple…

We want you to enjoy the property experience so we’re turning Sales and Property Management on its head!

It’s really the little things in Sales and Property Management that make the biggest difference.  Firstly, it’s understanding your investing and buying needs.  The first question we’ll ask you is, ‘why are you investing, buying or selling?’ and then follow with ‘how we can help you achieve your goals?’  You see, if we understand you, we can assist you.

The second thing to nail is communication.  If we understand your needs and understand what type of communication you need as well as how you’d like to receive it, then the rest really is easy.  We know that if you trust us, our job is easier and we know that trust is very difficult to gain and very easy to lose, so it’s of utmost importance to us.  To that end, we offer a guarantee around our service, and while we have innovative, specialised systems and procedures, if we make a mistake, you’ll be the first to know and not the last.

Tracy Crome, Principal of Living Here Townsville, 15 years in the industry has seen many changes, many challenges overcome and remains determined to be ‘top of mind’ for service, knowledge and passion. She’s a second generation Property specialist and there’s no other job in the world she wants to do.  She’s a true leader, understanding her team is her competitive protection.  It’s why she invests heavily in training (her team have access to daily training, monthly training and annual events), they’re appropriately performance managed with key performance indicators monitored on a daily basis and she’s always on the look-out for better, faster ways that improve her client’s experience.

From attracting buyers in our Sales Department and high quality tenants in our Property Management Department to finding you exciting new investment opportunities, our ambition is for you to benefit from a partnership with us, and above all, enjoy the experience.