So your lease is coming to an end and you have decided to move on?  No problem!

You will need to complete and lodge a Notice of intention to leave (Form 13), which must be signed by all Lease Holders.  This completed and signed Notice of Intention to Leave (Form 13) can be emailed through to our Leasing Department for processing –, faxed – 4759 3999 or in person.

To ensure you don’t have to pay more rent than you need to, it’s important to know that if you are coming up to the end of your fixed term lease, you will need to provide at least 2 weeks notice from when we receive the document in our office.  For example, if your lease finishes on February 21st, you’ll need to send your notice by February 7th in order to hand keys back on that date.  Please note, we must receive this specific written notice of your intention to leave, otherwise the tenancy agreement remains binding and you will need to keep paying rent.

If your fixed term end date has already passed then you are on a ‘periodic lease’.  If you wish to vacate the property while you are on a periodic lease then you still need to give us 14 days notice on the Notice of intention to leave (Form 13).

If your circumstances have changed and you need to terminate your tenancy prior to the end of your fixed term (break lease) then there are other conditions that you will need to meet and forms that you will need to complete. If you are considering breaking your lease please contact our Leasing Department on 4759 3900 to discuss arrangements and requirements.

Once we receive the required notice from you we will send you out a vacate pack that includes information to assist your vacate. In the meantime here is a quick guide to help the moving out process as much as possible:  Tenant Vacate Cleaning Checklist.

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